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60 LED Solar Power Flash Light

  • 60 LED Solar Power Flash Light + solar panel

    Item Price : Rs. 6500/-


    - New design, powered by solar energy, no electrical outlet required
    - 5 meters cable from solar panel to single head LED lamp
    - 60 ultra bright white LEDs with PIR motion sensor.
    - Switch for you to switch the light to sensor light, flood light or turn it off.
    - Up to 4.5 hours of constant lighting per fully charged if used as flood light
    - Lights turn on up to 280-300 times per fully charged if used as sensor light
    - Lights turn off automatically 4 to 120 seconds (adjustable) after motion stops
    - Detector senses motion up to 12 meters and turns light on

    Solar Panel : 9V/1.2W (20 years lifetime)
    Connection Wire: 5M
    LED Quantity: 60 Super Bright LEDs
    LED Color: White
    Installation Height: 1 ~ 3m
    Time Delay: 4 sec - 2 min adjustable
    Detection Distance: 2m - 12m adjustable
    Detection Range: 180 degrees
    Battery: 5 x 1.2V 900mAh rechargeable Ni-MH batteries (Charge and discharge 600-800 times, include)
    "SENS": Controls the sensitivity of motion sensor
    "TIME": Controls the duration of each light cycle
    "LUX" : Determines how dark to turn on light
    Outer Material: ABS plastic + aluminum
    Color: Balck
    Solar Panel Weight: 359g
    Solar Panel Size (L x W): 190 x 160mm
    Lamp Weight: 571g
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