Arenga micrantha 10 seeds
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Arenga micrantha

  • Arenga micrantha
    Bhutan Arenga

    A strange-looking, multi-stemmed Arenga that grows to more than 6 m (20 ft) tall and carries elegant, large, flat, evenly pinnate leaves with brilliant white undersides. Growing up to an incredible 2000-2150 m (6500-7000 ft) above sea level, it regularly endures winter snow and HEAVY FROST in its habitat in the foothills of the eastern Himalayas, and is certainly the most cold hardy Arenga. A. micrantha was described as recently as 1988 from Tibet (would you have thought that any palm grows there?) and has now also been found to occur in Bhutan and N.E. India. It is extraordinary how this comparatively large palm could have remained undetected in an area that has been well and truly botanized for a hundred years, yet this is what has happened. Following the initial discovery of a small group of plants in N.E. India, it was found to be growing in several other locations, in some numbers, and is used by the locals for thatching and for the manufacture of brooms. A cool-growing palm, it is used to moist and mild conditions in summer, and cold, dryish conditions in winter. Rich soil and an occasional feed complete the picture of its requirements. A most exciting addition to our range! Last season's seeds were a great success and produced germination rates well over 90% with very quick-growing seedlings. A. micrantha is not available anywhere else! Please also note that we can now offer these seeds at HALF PRICE!!
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