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Bauhinia Blakeana



Common Name: Hong Kong orchid tree  
Type: Broadleaf evergreen
Family: Fabaceae
Native Range: China
Zone: 9 to 11
Height: 12.00 to 20.00 feet
Spread: 20.00 to 25.00 feet
Bloom Time: November to April
Bloom Description: Rose-purple to rose-crimson
Sun: Full sun to part shade
Water: Medium
Maintenance: Medium
Suggested Use: Flowering Tree
Flower: Showy
Leaf: Evergreen
Other: Winter Interest

Winter hardy to USDA Zones 9b-11. Best in full sun. Tolerates light shade. Best with moderate but consistent moisture. Grows well in a variety of soils as long as well-drained. Thrives in heat but leaves may brown along the edges in dry heat or droughty conditions. Established trees have respectable drought tolerance, however. Best sited in locations protected from cold winds and frost. Foliage will suffer damage when temperatures dip below freezing and tree will usually not survive winter temperatures that dip below 26 degrees F. This is a sterile hybrid (flat seed pods seen on other species are absent) that must be propagated by vegetative cuttings, air layering or grafting onto seedlings of one of the parent species. All trees in existence are descendants of the hybrids first cultivated at the Hong Kong Botanical Gardens, all of which were propagated from the single accidental hybrid first discovered in 1880.

Noteworthy Characteristics
Bauhinia × blakeana, commonly known as Hong Kong orchid tree, is a small often multi-trunked evergreen to semi-evergreen flowering tree with an umbrella-like shape featuring an irregular rounded crown. It typically grows to 20’ tall, but occasionally in optimum conditions