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Bench top lab ph meter

  • Bench top ph meter

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    Measuring range: pH: 0.00~14.00
    °C: 0~100°C
    °F: 16~210°F
    Resolution:pH: 0.01pH
    °C: 0.1°C
    °F: 0.1°F(16°F~99°F)
    Accuracy: pH: ±0.05pH
    °C: ±1°C
    °F: ±2°F
    Input impedance:102 Ω
    Calibration: 1point or 2point
    Working temperature: 0 to 95°C
    Power: DC9V 100mA
    Operating conditions: 5~60°C,RH≤95%
    (Without magnetic interference around the meter & conspicuous centrum)
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