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Type : Seeds

Quntity : 04 seeds


Brownea coccinea is a tree with a dense, spreading crown; it can grow 6 - 9 metres tall .The tree is harvested from the wild for local use as a medicine and a drink. A very ornamental tree, it is commonly cultivated in tropical and subtropical gardens where it is valued especially for its large heads of orange-red flowers which hang primarily beneath the foliage, on older branches.


Cultivation Details
A plant of moderate rainfall areas of the tropics, it is also cultivated in subtropical areas.  A slow-growing tree.
Although many species within the family Fabaceae have a symbiotic relationship with soil bacteria, this species is said to be devoid of such a relationship and therefore does not fix atmospheric nitrogen


Edible Uses
The bark of this species and Clusia grandiflora are boiled into a hot beverage resembling chocolate milk


Other Uses
We have no specific information for this species, but in general the wood of Brownea species is not of high quality. The sapwood is brownish-grey, odourless, tasteless, hard and heavy. The dark-brown to black heartwood is often not developed, it can be durable but is not attractive. The wood finishes smoothly but splinters easily.

Brownea coccinea seeds "rare" (4 seeds)

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