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Chamaedorea rossteniorum 20 seeds
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Chamaedorea rossteniorum

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  • Chamaedorea rossteniorum

    Very rare species

    This striking small palm is sparsely distributed in montane rainforests between 1000 and 1600 m in Costa Rica and Panama. It grows an underground stem that gives rise to several stiffly ascending, very thick and leathery leaves and slender inflorescences with only a few flowering branches. Even though it is one of the most ornamental Chamaedorea, it is cultivated only in a few collections. It makes a striking ornamental for warm temperate and cool tropical climates.

    Hey, I received my package on Friday. Everything looks good so far. It was a pleasure doing business w/ your company. I will be placing another order shortly, but this time a much larger order.
    D.J., Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
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