Cyphosperma sp. (Ambae) 10 seeds one packet
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Cyphosperma sp. (Ambae)

  • Cyphosperma sp. (Ambae)

    Very rare species

    Recently discovered in cloud forest on the upper slopes of active volcano Mt. Manaro on the tiny, remote island of Ambae in Vanuatu, this palm seems to be a Cyphosperma, distinct from any know species in the genus. It is easily distinguished from C. voutmelense, the other species of Cyphosperma in Vanuatu, on account of our palms much larger fruit. C. trichospadix from Fiji has large fruit like our palm, but sports a prominent crownshaft, lacking in the Ambae Cyphosperma. C. tanga from Fiji has undivided leaves and small fruits, C. sp. Naboutini has small fruits, and C. balansae from New Caledonia has small fruits and a very different looking endocarp. Very little is known about this palm at the moment, but it would probably make a wonderful ornamental for the tropics that would thrive in similar conditions as those suitable for other Cyphosperma.
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