Flacourtia indica 15 seeds one packet
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Flacourtia indica seeds


  • Botanical name:-Flacourtia indica
    Family name:-FLACOURTIAACEAE
    English name:-Governor’s plum
    Tamil name:-cottai-k-kala
    Sanskirt name :-shruvavrikksha
    Distribution:- Sri Lanka,India ,tropical Africa, Malaya.
    Edibal parts:-Fruits
    Ayurvedic usage:-Dysentery, Hoarseness, Headache, Nausea and Vomiting, Rheumatic Ailments, Catarrh, Diarrhoea, Pathisis, Bronchitis, Asthma
    Parts used to make medicine:-Bark, Leaves.

    Dr Seela Fernando
    Page 81

    "Uguressa is another regional fruit. There are two varieties rata Uguressa and Uguressa. In Sanskrit Uguressa is called Kinkini while Rata Uguressa is called Prachinam alaka.In the Tamil both Uguressa and Rata Uguressa are known as Katukali.

    Uguressa is an endemic tree but Rata Uguressa was introduced in to Sri L anka from Malaysia. The fruit is like a plum. The tree is fairly big and is a hard wood.It has stout sharp long spikes on the trunk of the tree and branches, and it belongs to the family of Flacourita. The fruits are edible when they are very ripe. The leaves are astringent and carminative. The dried leaves are pounded and the juice is given forasthma, bronchitis and catarrh.

    The fruit when it is half ripe is recommended for bilious conditions. It relieves nausea and checks diarrhea. The curative value of this fruit is mentioned in the indigenous medical books as a remedy for high blood pressure. Uguressa is known as the Indian plum"
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