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Gyrinops walla is found in wet zone of Sri Lanka and very rare plant.
Gyrinops walla is a endemic tree. High demand for plant extracts from fungi infected bark to be used in the perfume industry. Bark easily stripped for cordage.
             Walla patta is a medium-tall tree which grows up to 15 m in height with straight, slender trunk and with a small, rounded or umbel crown. It has a thin, brownish-grey smooth and strongly fibrous bark. Due this fibrous nature, its bark was used as a binding material by the villagers in the past. Twigs are slender and wiry, rather shining and chestnut-brown in colour when young. Leaves are oblong and 3.0-9.0 cm x 1.2-5.0 cm with a short, rather abrupt, bluntish acumen up to 1 cm long. Petiole is short and 1-6 mm in length. Inflorescence is terminal or few flowered with umbel-like heads. Pedicels are 3-4 mm and thinly pilose. Flowers are yellowish-white and the size of the calyx tube is 4-10 mm which is narrow.


Gyrinops walla 100% FRESH seeds "Rare"

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