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Palu fruit (Manilkara hexandra)


Qantity :  x10 seeds 


Palu is a shrub or tree, growing from 3 - 12 metres tall.
The plant is harvested from the wild, mainly for local use of its edible fruit. It is sometimes cultivated in the tropics and subtropics for this fruit.

Cultivation Details
Prefers a well-drained soil and a pH in the range 6 - 7.

Edible Uses
The fruit can be eaten fresh or dried. A sweet flavour, but somewhat astringent.

A pale yellow oil, known as rayan oil, is obtained from the seed kernels.
The seeds contain 25% oil.

The bark is added to palm sugar to inhibit fermentation.

The seeds are of medicinal value.

Other Uses
This species is often used as a rootstock for the sapodilla (M. zapota) in India



Palu fruit x10 seeds (Manilkara hexandra)

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