Platycerium holttumii 100 seeds one packet
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Delivery Time : 14 - 21 days

Platycerium holttumii

  • Platycerium holttumii 's Fertile Fronds will become quite long , wide and large with age . This species will begin producing Fertile Fronds in late summer and will be the last growth produced by Platycerium holttumii for the season , Before entering into dormancy. Each Fertile Fronds will have two spore patches with one being raised and the other hanging downward as with Platycerium grande and Platycerium wallichii . The new and unripe spore patches are a lime green color and will remain lime green until they become ripe in the spring of the following year . When spring arrives and Platycerium holttumii emerges from dormancy, Its spore patches will turn a brown color and at that time the spore patches are ripe and will be released from spore patch to spore patch .
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