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Portable Breath Alcohol Analyzer

  • Portable Breath Alcohol Analyzer

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    This is a portable 3 in1 alcohol tester.Inspecting alcoholic thickness by testing user' s exhalation.It has three key functions: alcohol test, torch function and timer function.

    Threaded by keychain in order to be more convenient carrying
    Quick response and resume capacity
    Flashlight torch function(Orange light)
    Colored LED display alcohol level
    Alcohol test
    Press and keep holding the "POWER" button about 10 seconds, the green LED will be lighted on.
    Indicating the tester has entered into testing status.After 10 seconds later, exhale pneuma into
    exhale pipe and look into the result as follows:
    IF Green LED keeps lighting: Safety-under 0.02% BAC(Blood Alcohol Concentration) or 0.1mg/L BRAC
    IF Yellow LED keeps lighting: Caution-under 0.02%-0.05% BAC(Blood Alcohol Concentration) or 0.1mg/L-0.25mg/L BRAC
    IF Red LED keeps lighting: Danger-over 0.05% BAC(Blood Alcohol Concentration) or 0.25mg/L BRAC
    Notice: Please make sure to keep holding the "POWER" button during test

    Timer function:
    Two timing modes: Count-up, Count-down
    To count-up timing: press the "START/STOP" button to start, repress the button to stop.
    To count-down timing: press the HR and MIN to set limiting hours and minutes in advance. Press the "START/STOP" button to
    start, repress the button to stop. It can preset time between 1min to 19hrs 59mins.
    To reset timing: press the HR and MIN simultaneously.
    Torch function:
    Slide the "ON/OFF" foward, then the LED lighting up with orange light
    Power supply: 2pcs 1.5V AAA battery(NOT included)
    Dimension: 74*36*22mm
    Color: black
    Unit packing gross weight: 24g

    Package included:
    1 x Alcohol tester
    1 x User manual
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