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Smart Infrared Ear Body Thermometer

  • Smart Infrared Ear Body Thermometer Rs. 1500
    Brand New.

    new Infrared Ear Body Thermometer Smart Portable WB

    Resolution: +/- 0.1 °c
    Voltage: DC 1.5 V
    Range: 32 --42 °c
    Product size: 13 (L)*17 (W)*10 (H) mm

    It will show “L °c”, when the temperature is under 32 °c and will show “H °c”, when the data is inferior to 42 °c."Use

    1, Before use, you should use alcohol to disinfect thermometer sensor head
    2, Press the power button, the buzzer will beep, display prompt
    3, Subsequently, the display shows the last measured temperature, and wonderful for 2 minutes, then display ° C symbol flashes, which means that the state is already in the test
    4, Insert the thermometer sensor head into the measurement position, the display shows the temperature gradually increased. Meanwhile ° C symbol flashes to indicate measurement in progress.
    Measurements such as continuous 16 seconds the temperature constant, the ° C symbol stops blinking, while beep tone, which means that the temperature measurement is completed and the measurement results has been memorized, you can read the temperature value shown

    Note: Manual button to read the data in order to better

    Item Includes:
    1 x LCD Digital Thermometer
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