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Water Quality Minerals Testing Pen

  • Item Price : Rs. 1500

    1.Brand new
    2.Simple operation,
    3.Convenient carrying and use.
    4.Color:black with red cap
    5.Power Supply:Built-in Li-battery
    6.Ideal tool to test the water quality from energy water machine, functional water machine, water ionizer, ultrafiltration water purifier, rear alkaline or mineralization filter of RO water, energy water cups.
    7.Test Item:Heavy metals, turbidity, total hardness, minerals in the wate.

    Method of application:
    1. Remove the cap.
    2. Put the pen into the solution under test can identify the difference between pure water and energy water. Light energy is mineral water, no light is pure water.
    3. After use, Wiping clean the probe

    Package Included:
    1x BIO Water Test PEN
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