Type: Seedlings

Quantity : 10 Seedlings
Palms in this beautiful genus are used in landscaping, but they can be sensitive to the stresses of transplanting.
Stems: Solitary, slender, gray, to 15 m tall and up to 25 cm in diameter, bulging at the base, with ridged, "stair-step" rings of leaf scars. Leaves: Pinnate to 2-3 m long, with a rachis that twists near the midpoint and linear leaflets growing in a single plane. The crown shaft is up to 1 m long, somewhat swollen at the base, and varying in color from light green to dull purple or reddish-brown. The rachis is more or less covered with reddish-brown tomentum on the underside. Upper leaflet surface is grassy green to dark green; undersurface, whitish-gray or glaucous with prominent secondary veins. Flowers and fruits: Inflorescence less than 1 m long with many pendulous branches. Male and female flowers are greenish white to cream-color and are borne on the same inflorescence. The red, ovoid fruits are 1-1.5 cm long and have remnants of the stigma at the apex.

10 seedlings ~Archontophoenix alexandrae~ Alexandra palm - bangalow / king palm

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