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Allagoptera arenaria 20 seeds
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Allagoptera arenaria seeds

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  • Allagoptera arenaria
    Restinga Palm

    Restinga, a low, coastal scrub, and sand dunes near the beach are the native habitat of this attractive, small, bushy palm in southeastern Brazil. Its forking trunk usually grows underground, rarely upright and visible. The elegantly arching, bushy leaves are dark gray-green above and silvery-waxy below and the fruits are borne in curious, dense clusters on the tip of long, upright stalks. While the seeds tend to be somewhat erratic to germinate and seedling growth is fairly slow, the plants speed up considerably after a couple of years. The Restinga Palm prefers a sunny spot in sandy soil and will adapt to any tropical and subtropical climate. It is very resistant wind and salt and will look its best even under full coastal exposure. Seeds of this pretty palm are always short in supply and highly sought after, and we are particularly thrilled to be able to offer it in commercial quantities for the first time.
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