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Allagoptera caudescens 30 seeds
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Allagoptera caudescens seeds

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  • Allagoptera caudescens (Pectinata)
    Buri Palm

    Allagoptera caudescens in the past has been classified in a separate genus, Polyandrococos, with two separate species, Polyandrococos caudescens and Polyandrococos pectinata. These two are now regarded as one variable species, but there is still considerable controversy regarding this classification. While Polyandrococos caudescens has plumose leaves, those of Polyandrococos pectinata have leaflets evenly spaced and arranged in the same plane, making a much more handsome plant quite similar in looks to some species of Ceroxylon, even though completely unrelated. The plant discussed here is the flat-leaved form, Formerly Polyandrococos pectinata, which makes a very handsome palm with a dense crown of spreading, leathery leaves, dark green above and silvery below, atop a slim trunk. Native to the Atlantic Coastal Forest in Brazil, it is often found on sandy soils. The Buri Palm grows slowly but steadily and does well in a tropical or warm temperate climate, as long as it does not experience more than a light freeze. Young plants with their usually large, undivided leaves also make lovely potted plants.
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