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Type : Live plant

Size: 8" - 12" Inches

x1 Plant 


Jamaica pepper, myrtle pepper, pimenta, or pimento

Additionally referred to as “Pimenta,” “Jamaica Pimenta” or “Myrtle Pepper,” Allspice is actually the dried unripened berry of the Pimenta dioica, a small midcanopy tree originating in southern Mexico, Central America and the Greater Antilles.

The tree is technically categorized as an evergreen shrub, though it can grow to nearly 60 feet in height, and is highly adaptable to container growing as a houseplant.

Allspice is a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine, and is also one of the most important ingredients in Caribbean cooking, including Jamaican jerk seasoning.


Plant Description:
The allspice is an attractive evergreen tree that can grow to 10 metres high with a spread of 4 metres. The leaves and possibly the bark have a spicy aroma. The white flowers are strongly perfumed and very attractive to bees and other insects.


They are a member of the very large Myrtaceae Family which i