Basselinia sp. (Moorei) 05 seeds
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Basselinia sp. (Moorei)

  • Basselinia sp. (Moorei)
    Moore's Basselinia

    Very rare species

    This sensational palm has lead a strangely secret life, considering that it grows at high altitude in northeastern New Caledonia in a place that has been visited by many botanists and plant enthusiasts and has still managed to escape recognition, perhaps on account of being confused with Basselinia velutina, which is easily done when not seen in fruit. Rumor has it that it will soon be described as a new species honoring Harold Moore and his enormous contributions to the taxonomy of New Caledonia palms. It is generally found only above 1300 m and grows a slender trunk which holds a thick, reddish brown crownshaft that is not completely closed and has large lobes, reminiscent of Burretiokentia rather than Basselinia. The round fruits are bright orange red at maturity as opposed to other Basselinia fruits which mature to black. In cultivation it would be best suited to even, warm temperate climates. This may be its very first introduction to cultivation.
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