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Borassus flabellifer x2 seeds

Supposedly the most numerous palm in the world, it is inexplicably rarely seen as an ornamental, which is a shame as its round crown of costapalmate, blue/green leaves is stunning.. The big seeds put down a long 'sinker', so on germination, plant in its permanent position, or choose a very deep pot. The Palmyra palm is ideal for the dry tropics.

Perhaps the most numerous and widespread of all palms in the world, surprisingly the large seeds are rarely available. Suitable for subtropical and tropical climates, the Palmyra palm produces a breathtaking large specimen tree with a distinctive round crown of costapalmate, grayish leaves. Seedlings require a deep container to accommodate the first long tap root that emerges from the tennis ball-sized seed; alternatively, plant it in its permanent position in the ground. While commonly cultivated for commerce in India, its potential as an ornamental is yet to be exploited.

Toddy Palm, Palmyra Palm Fruit Seeds x2 (Borassus Flabellifer)

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