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Brahea decumbens 10 seeds
Processing Time : 3 day
Delivery Time : 14 - 21 days

Brahea decumbens 10 seeds

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  • Brahea decumbens
    Mexican Dwarf Blue Palm

    While fairly well known to palm enthusiasts all around the world, for some reason this palm has always managed to escape cultivation. What this small palm lacks in stature, it makes up for in color, and the striking, steel blue leaves really are an extraordinary feature. It is one of the toughest palms around and perfectly adapted to poor soils, drought and severe freezes. It will grow slowly but steadily in a place in full sun in all temperate and subtropical climates. B. decumbens has always been on top of the list of the most desirable temperate palms ever, and specimens such as the famous plant at Huntington Gardens in California have spirited entusiasts' minds. Yes, seeds have been around, many false ones, eventually turning out to be B. berlandieri or B. dulcis, but the true B. decumbens has been ever so rare. Particularly because of this unobtainability we are most proud to announce that now, after many failed visits to its native location, we have finally managed to exclusively acquire the first true-to-name commercial quantity of this palm to be available EVER and to finally be able to introduce it into general cultivation!!!
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