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Buffalo Grass Seeds (Bouteloua dactyloides)

  • Buffalo Grass Seeds (Bouteloua dactyloides)

    This Grass seeds are very rare variety in the world.
    This seeds have good germination.It is suitable for your home garden
    & play ground. Buffalo grass is very friendly for your eyes.(Dark green)

    Buffalograss is a warm-season perennial shortgrass. It is drought-, heat-, and cold-resistant. Foliage is usually 5 –13 cm (2.0–5.1 in) high,
    though in the southern Great Plains foliage may reach 30 cm (12 in). Buffalograss is usually dioecious.The male inflorescence is a panicle;
    the female inflorescence consists of short spikelets borne in burlike clusters, usually with two to four spikelets per bur.

    Buffalograss sends out numerous, branching stolons; occasionally it also produces rhizomes. Roots are also numerous and thoroughly occupy
    the soil. The numerous stolons and roots form a dense sod. Buffalo grass roots are finer than those of most plains grasses, being less than 1 mm
    (0.039 in) in diameter.

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