Butia eriospatha x B. microspadix F2   05 seeds
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Butia eriospatha x B. microspadix F2

  • Butia eriospatha x B. microspadix F2

    Very rare species

    A very exciting hybrid obtained in Brazil by pollinating a female Butia eriospatha with pollen of the rare dwarf Butia microspadix. The resulting plants are very vigorous and fast growing, bigger than B. microspadix but dwarfed overall and considerably smaller than B. eriospatha. This could be a great new plant for temperate climates, trunking but of a much more manageable size than the huge B. eriospatha and thus much better suited for small gardens. It can also be expected to be very hardy to cold as the parents are the two hardiest species of Butia known.
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