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Butia purpurascens 10 seeds
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Butia purpurascens

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  • Butia purpurascens
    Purple Yatay Palm

    Very rare species

    A smallish and very rare species from central Brazil, where it is found in savanna vegetation, often growing together with Syagrus flexuosa, Attalea and Allagoptera. It grows a slender trunk that can reach up to 4 m (13 ft.) tall and carries a small crown with elegantly arching, V-shaped, blueish-green leaves. As opposed to most other Butia, the leaf stalk does not produce any spines. The fruits are purple. Butia purpurascens is a robust and easy to grow palm for temperate, subtropical and dry tropical areas. As far as we know, seeds have not been commercially available ever.
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