Ceroxylon quindiuense 10 seeds
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Ceroxylon quindiuense

  • Ceroxylon quindiuense
    Quindio Wax Palm

    The Quindio Wax Palm is a tall feather palm with a stunning, white, wax-covered trunk that reaches up to an incredible 60 m (200 ft) tall. It is probably the tallest palm in the world. C. quindiuense occurs in breathtaking numbers in Colombia, especially in the Quindío Pass, from which it derives its name. It is tolerant of cool, wet conditions as it grows at elevations up to 3000 m (10000 ft), and is well worth trying in the protected, moist, cool temperate or mild subtropical garden. This palm has not been available for a long time, as Colombia is a dangerous country, and seed collectors go there at their peril. Act now!
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