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Ceylon Iron Wood  Seeds
Mesua ferrea


Rare to find seeds


Greyish-brown trunk supports a drooping crown, bark peels off with large flakes. Deep red new foliage is very attractive. Mature leaves appear dark green and whitish beneath, oppositely arranged on slender branches, up to 17 cm long and 5 cm wide, linear lanceolate in shape with a tapering base and apex, midrib prominent on both sides but not the lateral veins. White fragrant flowers are borne solitary on short stalks, about 5 cm wide, large petals fall off easily. Fruit is about 2-3 cm, globose in shape with a conical point

Found in forests in moist areas of wet and intermediate forests - up to 1100 m

Special Notes
National tree of Sri Lanka. Also grown as an ornamental tree in temples and home gardens.


Ceylon Iron Wood Seeds (Mesua ferrea) 10 seeds

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