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Chamaedorea amabilis 15 seeds
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Chamaedorea amabilis

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  • Chamaedorea amabilis
    Lovely Palm

    Very rare species

    This spectacular Chamaedorea is one of those palms usually near the top of most collectors lists of "must have"-palms of and also one of those nearly never available. It is a dwarf palm with a thin, canelike trunk that holds a few fairly large, broad, bifid leaves with papery texture, strongly pleated surface and serrated margins. Chamaedorea amabilis is native to the undergrowth of rainforests in Costa Rica and Panamá between 450 and 1000 m. It is not difficult in cultivation as long as its requirements of humidity and decent water quality are met. It is best suited to tropical and frost free warm temperate climates.
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