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Vulcano fan Palm 10 seeds
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Chamaerops humilis (Vulcano)

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  • Chamaerops humilis seeds (Vulcano)
    Vulcano fan Palm

    Very rare species

    This very pretty miniature form of the popular Mediterranean fan Palm is native to the tiny Island Vulcano, one of the Liparian Islands in the Mediterranean Sea north of Sicily. Quite distinct from "regular" Chamaerops, it grows into a compact bonsai plant with short, blunt-tipped, grass green leaves and few thorns on the leafstalk. It has become increasingly popular among collectors in Europe in recent years and although it has enormous potential as an ornamental plant, it is still rarely offered. In cultivation it is just as tough and resistant as any Chamaerops, and one of the best palms for temperate climates.
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