Chuniophoenix hainanensis 10 seeds
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Chuniophoenix hainanensis

  • Chuniophoenix hainanensis
    Hainan fan Palm

    Very rare species

    A very special palm from Hainan Island, China which everyone will want to grow. It is probably one of the best palms for container growing and is excellent in the conservatory. In warm temperate to tropical areas, it makes a superb specimen palm and with its deeply cut fan-shaped leaves, it resembles nothing more than a huge Rhapis excelsa. However, in summer, large bunches of bright red, cherry-size fruits are produced, transforming it from the merely unusual to the frankly spectacular. Bushy in habit, its maximum height is only about 10-15 feet, thus ideal for the smaller garden. This may be the only opportunity to purchase seeds of this palm as they are available so rarely. Don't miss this chance!
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