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Cinnamon live plant
Plant Size : 08" - 12" Inches

Cinnamon live plant (8"- 12" Inches Size), Cinnamon zeylanicum

  • The world Best Cinnamon Plants,Seeds, Cinnamon chips,oil & leaf from Senci green flower garden and around area.

    Family - Lauraceae
    Species - Cinnamomum zealanicum Blum.

    General Description

    The Ceylon cinnamon or true cinnamon, is the dried bark of Cinnamomum zealanicum, belongs to the family Lauraceae. It is indigenous to Sri Lanka. Cinnamomum zealanicum is an evergreen perenial plant with spirally arranged, broad laminated dark green leaves having palmate venation.

    Under natural conditions, the plant grows to a height of 10 - 15m with the girth of 30-50 cm. When coppiced from time to time it could be maintained as bush of 2-2.5m height with multiple stems arising from its base. The flowers are small, creamy and inconspicuous developing into dark purple ovoid one seeded berries, about 1.5 - 2.5cm long.

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