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Cucurbita maxima. 50 seeds one packet
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Cucurbita maxima. seeds

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  • Pumpkin is one of popular vegetables among the Sri Lankans. It is native to Central America, Pumpkin is a nutritious vegetable vine plant which date back many centuries. It was one of the major ingredients of the staple diet of native Americans and colonists. It can be prepared various ways. There are about 26 species of cucurbita.

    The spherical shaped fruits range in weight from less than 0.5kg to more than 50kg. Its ability to grow to such a large size makes it the largest fruit in the plant kingdom. The pumpkin plant which grow up to 25 feet long produces both male and female bright yellow coloured flowers with five petals. The female flower has a little pumpkin at the bottom. The leaves are lobed with 3 or 5 lobes. Pumpkins were used to treat bladder problems and as a pain killer. Its seeds are an excellent source of fat and protein.

    Climatic Requirements
    It can be cultivated up to 500 AMSL as well as dry and intermediate zones.

    Well drainage soil with high amount of organic matter important to well growth. Optimum pH range is about 5.5-7.5.
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