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Uses of Cumin
For its distinctive flavor and fragrance, cumin as seeds, ground cumin, or cumin oil, is used in various ways;


Culinary Uses:  Cumin is traditionally used as a spice in Indian cooking, either as whole seeds or in powdered form. It is a major component in the preparation of curries, stews, soups and other food products.
Personal Care Product:  Derived from cumin seeds, cumin essential oil is used as a scent in cosmetics including creams, perfumes, and lotions.
Flavoring Agent: It is used to add flavor to alcoholic beverages and desserts.

Medicinal Uses: Cumin seeds are used to produce medicines that help in treating problems like diarrhea, colic, inflammation, bowel and muscle spasms, and gas.

Aphrodisiac: When ground cumin is mixed with honey and pepper, it works as an aphrodisiac. This concoction is widely popular amongst Arabs.



Other Benefits
Cumin is also beneficial in treating renal colic, weak memory, insect bites, and painful stings. 

Cumin Seeds A++

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