Scientific Name: Cycas micronesica
Common Name: Federico Nut, Cycad
Chammoro Name: Fadang

Form: Cycas is a palm-like, usually unbranched tree that reaches a height of 3–5 m with a thick trunk.

Frond: Modified leaves or megasporophylls grow out in a rosette from the crown of the female tree bearing ovules in their margins.

Leaves: The pinnate leaves or fronds are crowded at the crown and arranged in spirals.

The large cone that grows out of the crown of the male tree is tan-colored.


The hard-shelled, glossy, brown seeds of the female plant are extremely poisonous, containing hydrocyanic acid (cyanide), however, when they are split and repeatedly soaked in water, the poison is released. The pulp can then be dried and ground into a flour that probably was a staple food of the ancient Chamorros. It is still occasionally used for making (tatiyas) tortillas. The preparation of fadang should only be attempted under the supervision of a knowledgeable Guamanian.

Cycas micronesica , Federico nut seeds "Rare"

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