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Dypsis sp. (Dark Mealybug) 10 seeds one packet
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Dypsis sp. (Dark Mealybug)

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  • Dypsis sp. (Dark Mealybug)

    Very rare species

    A magnificent, large and somewhat mysterious Dypsis from lowland rainforests on the Masoala peninsula in northeastern Madagascar. As a young plant it is particularly colorful and stunning, with reddish-brown leaf midribs that have dark markings, a waxy-white crownshaft and trunk, and beautiful dark green leaves with somewhat pendulous leaflets. Mature trees are very large with a robust, solitary trunk, a long crownshaft and huge, ascending leaves that are strongly recurved towards the tip. The long, regularly arranged leaflets have weeping tips. The seeds are rather large and ruminate. It is most likely an undescribed species.
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