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Entada Seedlings (entada pusaetha)


Entada pusaetha in a giant vine of the Fabaceae family.
This climbing plant can reach several tens of meters long to adult size. Entada seeds are very large and heavy, they are very large seeds that the sea scatters with sometimes that of mucuna, hence its name of heart of sea.

Entada seeds are often used to make necklace and other ethnic jewelry with other seeds such as castor bean, baobab or orchid tree.
It is also a beautiful seed.
In Europe, entada pusaetha seeds are used for massages and other body treatments.

Germination of Entada seeds usually takes 3 to 6 weeks.

- Very beautiful tropical and exotic climbing plant.
- Very fast growth, giant vine.
- Produces very large seeds.

Entada Seedlings (entada pusaetha) RARE Varity

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