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Fan Palm Seedlings



Type : Seedlings. 

Easy to planting. 

Best Price.


Solitary trunk of up to 3 m in height and 5-6 cm in diam., Leaf circular, undivided and regularly pleated leaf; about 22 inch or more in diameter with a notched edge, with the old dry leaves persisting.

Ruffled fan palm is perhaps one of the most interesting and elegant of all small palms. Its glossy, pleated, fan-like fronds are fantastic as are its drooping cluster of red fruits that mature late in the season. This evergreen, frost-tender palm is native to the wet, humid rainforests of the Republic of Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands east of Australia. It's a small understory palm that’s ideal for small, tropical landscapes as well as interiorscapes.

Atop the thin, fiber covered trunk of this palm is a crown of twelve to twenty beautiful leaves. Each glossy, deep green frond is wedge-shaped and looks as if it’s been pleated. The frond stems (petioles) are long and have sharp, curved teeth at the base. Most are held upright but the oldest arch gracefully. In early or midsummer, a cluster of yellowish white blossoms appear. These develop into small, round, red fruits by autumn. 

Fan Palm Seedlings (Licuala grandis) 50/100/500

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