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Fish Tank Filtration Pump +Spray Bar

  • Fish Tank Filtration Pump +Spray Bar

    Item Price : Rs. 3000/-


    High efficiency and energy saving
    Suitable for both fresh and marine aquarium
    Filter adds life and beauty to your aquarium
    Built in biochemical sponge, help maintain water quality keep your aquarium in optimum condition
    Shell is made of stronger ABS
    Waterproof and good performance of insulation
    Used for aquarium and garden
    Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
    Wattage: 8 Watt
    H-max: Approx. 1m/39.37inch
    Size: 55x48x132mm
    Output: 600L/h (Adjustable Switch Included)
    With SPRAY BAR
    3 in 1: Filters , Adds Oxygen and pumps water
    Aquarium Internal Filter
    Fish Tank Filter Water Pump(US plug)

    Package Included:

    1x Aquarium Internal Filter
    1x Fish Tank Filter Water Pump
    1x Spray bar
    1x Air tube
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