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Type : Seeds



Mangosteen 100% Fresh Seeds / Garcinia mangostana

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  • Medicinal Values / Uses

    Useful in Diabetes mellitus. Pulverized rind as an astringent in dysentery and chronic diarrhoea.


    A water table of 2m from the soil surface. (especially suited for planting closer to water resources)

    Harvesting & Post-harvest Technology

    Fruiting Commences 8-10 yrs- Seedling -No. of fruits/year500-1500/tree (30-50 yrs old)
    4 - 5 yrs Graft - 15 - 30 fruits/tree/yr- 15 yrs old

    Fruiting seasons
    LCWZ - May -July
    MCWZ - July - September


    When 25% fruit find turns pinkish, purple and with the stalk should be plucked at the point where it is attached to the fruit. Ground harvesting should be avoided as fruits get hardened.
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