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Talinum fruticosum 100 seeds one packet
Processing Time : 3 day
Delivery Time : 14 - 21 days

Gasnivithi/Talinum fruticosum

  • Botanical name:-Talinum fruticosum
    Family name:-PORPULACACEAE
    English name:- Ceylon-spinach ,water leaf ,sweetheart
    Tamil name:-
    Sanskirt name :-

    Distribution:-Sri Lanka,India,
    Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and much of South America.


    Edibal parts:-Leaves, Stem

    Ayurvedic usage:- Lung diseases, Male infertility, Spleen disorders, Impotence, Diarrhoea, Loss of energy, Dysmenorrhoea.

    Parts used to make medicine:-Leaves,Stem

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