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Gustavia augusta
Membrillo, Paco, Pacora, Choco, Sachamango, Heaven Lotus
Family: Lecythidaceae



A medium-sized tree with spectacular large flowers resembling lotus. The straight trunk is often unbranched, with just one cluster of leaves at the top of the trunk (like a palm). In big trees, though, there are a few large branches, each with a cluster of leaves at the end. Leaves are very large - no other tree in the area other than palms has larger leaves. They are toothed, long, narrow at the base, and broad at the apex. Fruit ellipsoid or globose, depressed, green to brown; pulp yellow orange; 2-20 seeds/fruit. Pulp eaten roasted or boiled, mixed with rice. The tree is used as wood for construction. The leaves in decoction are used to cure intoxication by poisoned arrows.

Heaven Lotus Seeds (Gustavia augusta) Membrillo fresh seeds

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