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Costus spicatus Seeds


25 Fresh Seeds..

We harvesting seeds after your order. So, very fresh .


Processing Time  : 2 - 3 days

Delivery Time : 14 - 21days


Costus spicatus leaves grow to a length of approximately 1 ft (30 cm) and a width of approximately 4 in (10 cm). It produces a short red cone, from which red-orange flowers emerge one at a time.


Costus spicatus will grow in full sun if it is kept moist.


*Medicinal Uses
In Dominican folk medicine, herbal tea made from the leaves of C. spicatus is used to treat diabetes 
The acid sap is used in home remedies as a diuretic
The leaves are used to treat head colds with a fever

Indian Head Ginger (Costus spicatus) 25 seeds

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