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Kentiopsis oliviformis 10 seeds one packet
Processing Time : 3 day
Delivery Time : 14 - 21 days

Kentiopsis oliviformis

  • Kentiopsis oliviformis

    Very rare species

    A large, slender, very elegant and tropical looking palm from New Caledonia that can reach to 30m (100ft) tall. It is rare in cultivation but adaptable and has been sucessfully grown in many subtropical and tropical climates; however it is best suited to moderately dry, subtropical climates. Seeds are difficult to obtain and we are proud to be able to offer these here. Earlier samples have produced very good germination. For optimum results they should be kept at 30°C and a little on the dry side. Seeds will be shipped slightly moist to ensure viability.

    This magnificent, tropical palm from New Caledonia is tall with a ringed trunk and a prominent white crownshaft. We had to work hard to get these seeds which are very rarely available for sale. We guarantee excellent germination for these usually tough to sprout seeds. Seedling growth is quite fast and in general it is one of the most easily cultivated and most stunning New Caledonian palms. Grow it in the tropical or sub-tropical garden, or enjoy it as a superb conservatory plant.
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