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Koti kan Beraliya (shorea cordifolia) 


Endemic plant to Sri Lanka.
It is very Rare plant species.
This seeds used for prepare many kinds of delicious and Ayurveda foods in Sri lanka.


Medium-sized tree, - 30 m tall. - 2 m girth, with low concave rounded buttresses, straight bole frequently branching rather low. Bark surface chocolate brown. Twig c. 1 - 2 mm diam., slender, much brabched, pale brown. Leaf buds minute; lamina 8 - 15 X 3 - 6 cm, ovate-lanceolate to elliptic, cetaceous, drying purplish brown; nerves 8 - 11 pairs. Panicle - 5 cm long, - 1 mm diam. at base, short, slender, with 1.5 cm long branchlets bearing - 5 flowers. Corolla white.

Koti kan Beraliya Seeds (Shorea cordifolia) Rare herbal x10 seeds

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