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Lipton is the one of the world’s No1 Tea Brand operating over 110 countries. Lipton is a natural vitality experience, which combines goodness (health), with taste, enjoyment, excitement and fun. 

Lipton tea only picks the finest quality blend obtained by Ceylon high grown teas, delivering the ideal colour, taste and aroma. It contains tea leaves which are known to have the properties to stimulate the mind gently whilst simultaneously relaxing the body. It gives you self-confidence, because it projects you as a discerning person with all the signs of inner vitality.


Key facts

  • Tea is the second healthiest beverage, after water.

  • Taken regularly, tea can help improve vascular function, combat fatigue, reduce cholesterol levels, and increase feelings of vitality.

  • Lipton is the world’s leading brand of tea, available in over 110 countries.

Lipton Ceylonta Pure Srilanka BOPF Tea 100g 200g 400g 500g Packets

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