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Livistona rotundifolia - Footstool Palm 

Type : Seedlings (As shown in real photos)

Quantity : 100 Seedlings  
Please contact us for wholsale inquiries. 


This is good oppertunity becuase seedlings are 100% sure than seeds. Join with us for buying healthy seedlings.  Very easy to planting and fast growing.


Also known as the Table Palm or Fan Palm. Livistona rotundifolia is a very attractive and elegant palm with large, shiny, fan shaped leaves and thorny stems.


The Footstool Palm adapts to indoor living extremely well, being undemanding and tolerating some degree of neglect. It is smaller than most other palms, but can still grow up to 2m indoors and will certainly add a tropical, green element to your living space.

Livistona rotundifolia - Footstool Palm x100 Seedlings

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