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Nepenthes faizaliana 25 seeds one packet
Processing Time : 3 day
Delivery Time : 14 - 21 days

Nepenthes faizaliana seeds (SE0010)

  • Nepenthes faizaliana 25 seeds one packet

    The leaves alternate around the stem. They are petiolate and coriaceous in texture. The lamina is lanceolate to elliptic in shape and up to 14 cm long by 4 cm wide. Its has an acute apex and an obtuse base. The petiole is canaliculate and up to 5 cm long. It is semi-amplexicaul, but lacks wings. Two longitudinal veins are present on either side of the midrib. Pinnate veins are indistinct. Tendrils reach 20 cm in length.
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