Passion fruit 25 seeds one packet
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Passion fruit seeds

  • Culinary Use
    Fresh fruits are cut in half and the succulent pulp is scooped out with a spoon for mixing with other fruits in making a salad. The extracted juice is a tasty drink. The beauty of passion fruit is that just a little pulp goes a long way. The cake icing, candy ice cream, jelly, mousses, sauces, sherbets, syrups and pies are some of the value added products made out of the fruit Tender leaves of passion fruit is also consumed as a leafy vegetable.

    Other Uses
    Seed of both forms of passion fruit give about 23% oil similar in properties to either sunflower or Soya bean oil and is used for domestic and industrial purposes. A cyanogenic glycoside is found in the pulp of all passion fruit but is only at an insignificant level in the ripened fruit. The glycoside passinorine can also be extracted from the dried leaves.
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