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Phalaenopsis tetraspis 500 seeds one packet
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Phalaenopsis tetraspis

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  • Intro:
    This plant is native to the mangrove swamps along rivers in Northwest Sumatra. Phal. violacea-like in habit with multiple branching sprays of striking, pure white star-shaped flowers with a touch of yellow and purple on the lip. Occasionally, a solitary bar of mahogany appears on one of the flower segments. Nice slight fragrance occurs a few days after opening in the morning.

    750-1200 footcandles. This plant likes shade especially in the warm summer months. Increase light in winter months to make up for the short daylight hours. This plant will do well under artificial lights. When growing under fluorescents grow 14 to18 inches from tubes. When growing under sodiums grow 4-5 feet from bulb.
    P.L. Lights systems are a great way to provide artificial light to your orchids. See our P.L. Lights page for more information on this great product we offer.

    50% or higher is ideal. The use of humidity trays or room humidifiers is beneficial.
    We offer two products that can help increase humidity levels. The humidity tray offered in black or white, and the Mist Maker. Please click on the underlined text for more information on these products.

    It is best to use rainwater, distilled or reverse osmosis water. Municipal water with a pH of 7.5 or lower can also be used. Water as the mix approaches dryness but do not allow the mix to become completely dry between watering.
    Overwatering can cause several problems such as root rot and infectious bacteria/fungus in the potting medium. One product we offer that can help these problems if caught at an early stage is Phyton 27 bactericide and fungicide.

    We highly recommend using Green Jungle Orchid Food, especially formulated to work with rain, distilled, reverse osmosis water or water low in alkalinity. Fertilize with Green Jungle every time you water if plants are planted in bark. Be sure to flush the mix with clear water only once per month to prevent fertilizer salt build up. For plants
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