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Type : 01 Plant


Platycerium coronarium (J. Koenig ex O. F. Müll.) Desv.
Family Name:     Polypodiaceae
Synonyms:      Platycerium biforme Blume.
Common Name:     Staghorn Fern, Crown Staghorn, Stag's Horn Fern, Disc Stag's Horn Fern, Elkhorn Fern, Semum Bidadari, Rumah Langsuyar, Paku Langsuyar, 皇冠鹿角蕨

Platycerium coronarium or Staghorn Fern is an epiphytic fern that can grow to 3 m long and 1.5 wide. It has two types of fronds; the sterile nest fronds and fertile foliage fronds. The nest fronds are shaped into a crown-like baskets while the foliage fronds hang underneath are pendulous, dividing several times forming a net-like structure. Once mature enough, the foliage frond produce a semi-circular lobe coated with brown coloured sporangia (spore bearing structures). This native fern is often perched upper branches of mature trees, sheltered by their large canopy or mounted on fern root slabs in cultivation.

Platycerium coronarium x1 Plant

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