Platycerium ridleyi 100 seeds one packet
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Platycerium ridleyi


  • Kingdom: Plantae
    Phylum/Division: Filicophyta
    Class: Pteridopsida
    Order: Polypodiales
    Family: Polypodiaceae
    Genus: Platycerium
    Species: P. ridleyi
    Common Names: Ridley's Staghorn Fern
    Status: Extinct


    Nest fronds slightly lobed, patterned by raised veins with sunken areas in between and the upper edge not erect but inflexed. Fertile fronds with two or more ascending and repeatedly forked sterile branches that end in rounded tips and a fertile lobe. The fertile lobe is spoon-shaped, strongly concave beneath, about 6 cm long plus a stalk that can be as long as 20 cm. Spores are packed tightly on the undersurface of the lobe.
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